KBC Official Website Contact Number

What is KBC Official Website?

Technology and especially the advent of the internet has taken the world by storm. Now everything you need to know about can be searched on the internet and you can get every information within seconds. With time, various popular TV shows also introduced their websites to have a better interaction with their viewers. Similarly, the most famous Indian show Kaun Banega Crorepati, which started in 2000, also launched its website to provide easy access to all Indians. They can now participate in all KBC lottery schemes either by calling the KBC Head Office Numbers or using the KBC official website contact number.

What is the aim of KBC Website?

The world going through a phase of digitalization. Previously, there was a Kaun Banega Crorepati contact number to entertain the callers and information seekers. In this way, a very limited number of people used to get through with the KBC Customer Care officers. However, to make it global so everyone can know about the KBC show, its top celebrities, and KBC contact numbers. Also, now people can join the KBC contest online by using the KBC official website. However, there is also the KBC Head Office WhatsApp number that can be used to get information directly from the KBC officers. The official KBC WhatsApp number is +917081156519.

KBC official website 25 lakh lottery

What is the KBC lottery Draw? How can I participate in the KBC WhatsApp lucky draw? Who can be a part of the KBC 25 lakh WhatsApp lottery? Well, these are the questions that arise in every Indian mind. Because the people have the mindset that only celebrities and highly educated Indians can take part in the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show. However. it is not the truth. In fact, every Indian either he is literate or illiterate can participate in this show. Eventually, he can have a chance to win an amount of 25 lakh rupees. The following are the KBC lottery schemes other than the live KBC show.

  1. The KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw
  2. The KBC SIMĀ  Card lucky draw
  3. KBC JIO lottery
  4. KBC 25 lakh WhatsApp lottery
  5. KBC IMO lottery

Apart from these, many other schemes are designed for the lower-middle-class Indians.

KBC official website and contact number

KBC online lottery check

Though the KBC has a fair system to conduct lucky draws and no one can manipulate it yet you can check your lottery numbers also. To check your lottery number online use the KBC official lottery check system. Moreover, people who are WhatsApp users are automatically eligible to be a part of the lucky draw. However, to get more detailed information, call KBC official website contact number or the KBC official WhatsApp number +917081156519.