KBC Lottery Winner List 2021 And KBC Helpline Centre

KBC WhatsApp Lucky Winner

“Fortune favors the brave” is a well known¬† proverb we have been hearing so far. In other words, the one who takes action, and do something for a bigger reward always wins big. Similarly, it is the case with KBC show and KBC lottery winner. Many of Indians think that they can not participate in the most famous show Kaun Banega Crorepati. However, it is just our mindset. Every Indian can participate in this show and avails a chance to become a millionaire that is no doubt the dream of every human. However, you might think, can an ordinary or a common Indian can take part in the KBC Lottery Lucky draw be a KBC lottery winner. Absolutely Yes, you can. Here, I am going to write all the details about this KBC lottery.

KBC Lottery Lucky draw

You might be known that the participation in the live KBC Show is a hectic process. For that, you will have to be an educated person as well as having a good general knowledge. What if you are not an enough literate person? You can not participate in the KBC Lottery lucky draw and be in the KBC lottery winner list 2021. No, it is not the case. Now, the KBC Team has thought about this aspect and they have introduced a KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw for common and illiterate Indians. All the WhatsApp users can contact KBC WhatsApp Helpline for their registration and can have a chance to win big amount of 25 lakhs KBC prize.

How to participate in KBC Lottery WhatsApp?

The KBC organizers have now established their regional offices like KBC Head Office Kolkata, KBC Head Office Mumbai, and KBC Head Office Delhi to make access easy for the common Indian. Apart from this, they have Introduced KBC WhatsApp Number for all these office. Either you look for KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp Number, KBC Head Office Kolkata WhatsApp Number, or KBC Head Office Delhi WhatsApp number, the numbers are +917081156519 and +919050439846.¬† Call on WhatsApp on these numbers, and register yourself for the next KBC lottery lucky draw. May be you will be the next KBC Lucky Winner. Then don’t wait and call right away.

KBC Lucky Winner WhatsApp 2021

Well, you might be thinking that have anyone won the KBC prize of 25 lacs cash and a car? Yes, there are a lot of people who have won the prize and have transformed their lives. The following is the list of KBC WhatsApp Lucky Winners.

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