KBC JIO Helpline Number 2021

What Is KBC JIO Lottery?

Almost all Indian know very well about the KBC show i.e Kaun Banega Crorepati Show and KBC Head Office Numbers. You might be known how the KBC show select the contestants for the show when they call on the Kaun Banega Crorepati Helpline Number. While the contestants win a huge amount up to 7 crore by answering the multiple choice questions. However, very few Indians can participate in this show because of the KBC head office policy and format. So what for the other Indians? They can not take part in this show to test their luck. Well, the KBC organizers have another plan for all Indian. They now can call KBC JIO Helpline Number to get themselves registered for the KBC JIO lottery

Why KBC introduced JIO KBC lottery?

As mentioned above, only few can take part in the official KBC show broadcasted on the SONY TV. Therefore, the KBC Team thought to compensate all others who are less educated, or can’t qualify for the Kon Banega Crorpati Show. For this purpose, they have also opened their sub KBC Head Offices with the Official KBC WhatsApp Helpline. The offices are the KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp, KBC Head Office Kolkata, and also for Delhi. Moreover, the KBC has collaborated with the JIO Head Office that all the JIO SIM card users are automatically eligible for the KBC SIM Card Lucky Draw 2021 to win a prize of 25 lacs. So, once a lucky winner is determined through a lucky draw he contact on the KBC JIO Lottery official WhatsApp Number +917081156519.

How can I be a part of the KBC Jio Lottery?

Generally, if you are a JIO SIM card user, your WhatsApp is active on that SIM Card, and your number is active on your name then you will be automatically a pert of the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw. However, if you can follow the following steps to make sure that you are registered with the KBC for the JIO Lottery.

  1. Turn your JIO SIM Card on in your mobile
  2. Make a WhatsApp account on your JIO number
  3. Then save the KBC Official WhatsApp Helpline number 00917081156519 in your contact list
  4. Call us through WhatsApp on the KBC Head Office Number and ask about your lottery number
  5. The KBC officer will give you a lottery number that you can check in the KBC lottery online check system
  6. If the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw is yet to be happened then it will show you “incorrect lottery number”
  7. Wait until the draw is done, and you will come to know whether you have won the KBC prize or not
  8. If you have won the prize then you will receive a call from the KBC Head Office WhatsApp number 00917081156519, or you can also call by yourself to get the details about claiming the prize
Official KBC JIO Helpline Number

What Is The KBC JIO Helpline Number?

Well, both the big companies have their counters in each others premises. Either you can contact at KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp number, or KBC Kolkata WhatsApp number you can be connected with the JIO KBC lottery manager. However, the Official KBC JIO Helpline number +917081156519. Here is the full detail of the KBC Head Office Numbers.

  1. KBC Head Office Number WhatsApp   –   +917081156519
  2. KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp   –  +919050439846

You can call anytime on these numbers to get all type of information. 

Beware of fraudsters in the name of KBC

It is also worth mentioning that there are many fake callers who are pretending to be the KBC officers and looting the innocent Indians. Beware of such looters who are particularly from Bangladesh and Pakistan. If you receive any such call then immediately contact on the official KBC WhatsApp number and register your complaint. The official KBC Helpline is +917081156519