KBC Head Office Numbers WhatsApp 2021

KBC Head Office Numbers

Thousands of Indians search for KBC Head office numbers on the internet. Why they search for it? What is the motive behind searching for the KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp Number? Well, it is a universal truth that the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show in India and Who wants to be a millionaire globally are transforming the lives of the lower middle class as well as eradicating poverty. Those who can not participate in the KBC show can now call the Kaun Banega Crorepati Helpline on WhatsApp to test their luck as well as availing a chance to win 25 lakh rupees via the KBC WhatsApp lottery. However, there are a lot of fake KBC numbers as well as callers. So, what are the real KBC helpline numbers? The official KBC WhatsApp helpline number is +917081156519. More details are as under.

What is the real number of KBC India?

Though the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw is helping people to get out of poverty. However, many scammers are also there who are exploiting this KBC WhatsApp lottery and looting innocent Indians in the name of the KBC lottery scheme. Always beware of such scammers. If you receive such calls from other than the above-mentioned numbers then immediately call at the official WhatsApp Helpline number given above for complaints. But the question still remains there, what is the real number of the KBC India. Well, the official and actual KBC Head Office number is 00917081156519. You can call this number for all kinds of details and information 24/7.

How can I contact the KBC Team or KBC lottery manager?

In a world full of scammers, how you can approach the KBC office or the KBC lottery manager. Who is the KBC lottery manager? Well, if you want to contact the KBC Officers then you can call the above-mentioned numbers and ask your questions. However, if you want to contact Rana Partab Singh, the lottery manager at KBC then ask the KBC officer to get you through with him. You can follow the following steps to contact KBC Head Office.

  1. You should have WhatsApp on your smartphone to contact KBC Head Office WhatsApp Helpline. If not then install it from Google Play Store.
  2. Save the Official KBC Head Office Number +917081156519 on your mobile.
  3. Now open your WhatsApp and text, or call at KBC WhatsApp number.
  4. You can also click on the number 00917081156519 to directly open in WhatsApp Messenger.
KBC Head office official numbers

List of the KBC Head Office contact number

Joining the KBC JIO lottery, or calling the KBC Head office is the easiest way in the world. Moreover, it does not demand any kind of fee for the registration of the KBC Lottery lucky draw. The following is the list of KBC contact numbers.

  • KBC Head Office Number +917081156519
  • KBC Head Office Mumbai +917081156519
  • JIO KBC Helpline WhatsApp +919050439846
  • All India KBC Helpline +917081156519
  • KBC Official WhatsApp helpline number +917081156519