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Kbc Lucky Lottery Winner 2021 | Kbc Winner 2021 | Online Kbc Lucky Winner 2021 | KBC WhatsApp Winner 2021
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KBC lucky draw is a media conglomerate based in Mumbai, Kolkata, and other cities. The main head office of this lucky draw is situated in Mumbai. Amitabh and Rana Prataab are the leading force and torchbearers of this fortune-making show which is a blessing in disguise for poor and deserted persons of the Indian state. Bollywood legend, Amitabh is the founder of this shining game event. He is a director as well as the general of this future-making show. Many media channels are supporting and sustaining it. India mobile fone companies are contributing to this lucky lottery show which is getting repute in every corner of the state as well as the world. Sony Channel is a complete media enterprise that is important and relevant to our audiences. The logo, name, KBC Official Website, and graphic of KBC lucky draw and its products and services are the trademark it. All the rules and regulations are mention on this website. KBC WhatsApp’s lucky winner is going on every month by the administration of KBC.

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KBC Head Office Number

  1. KBC Head Office Number WhatsApp: +917081156519
  2. KBC Head Office Mumbai Number WhatsApp: +919050439846
  3. The KBC Lottery Winner Helpline WhatsApp: +17869552557

WhatsApp No. Mumbai: +919050439846

The customers of KBC can get registration freely without any charges. All the inhabitants of India are candidates of this lucky draw. Everyone can change his own life and future just in few days by following us. This is no difference between poor and rich, all of you will be treated with soft and loving hands. Now we are explaining how to get registration of KBC WhatsApp lucky winner. You can get a registration and entry pass by visiting our head office number which is established in five big cities, Kolkata, Mumbai, Haiderbad, Dehli, and Likhnao. Now you can get registration automatically by following the terms and conditions of KBC managements.

All Indian people who are using their WhatsApp numbers in legal ways can be winners or candidates of this lucky draw. you should not involve your Sims cards in unfair and anti-law activities. You should keep recharging your Sim cards at the proper time. This is a simple and easy way of auto registration. Its the responsibility of mobile companies to supply WhatsApp data to KBC organizations which are famous and reputed contributors of this game show KBC.

KBC WhatsApp Number

KBC WhatsApp lucky clients are receiving and getting WhatsApp calls and lottery papers regarding their lottery. If you are seeing such calls and lottery papers, please call on our KBC WhatsApp lucky winner head of Mumbai or Kolkata, because such callers can be cheaters and scammers. Don’t share your personal detail and obey these parasites who are bogus callers. If Clients are not following us, then the department of KBC is not responsible. Just add on google KBC WhatsApp head office number, then you will watch our toll-free helpline and head office number who can give and share with you trusted information.

Only our representative can give you consoling and beneficial knowledge regarding your issue and tension. The depressed customers can check online their lottery whether they are winners or not through our modern and precious systems. Only our specific system can clear your mind and brain. Daily KBC lovers are getting emails and calls about WhatsApp lucky draw. These scammers are foreigners who are giving dirty and bad names to the KBC game show. we are requesting all of you, be alert and active from these fake WhatsApp lucky draw calls and managements.

WhatsApp Number: 00917081156519

JIO KBC Lottery Winner

KBC Lucky Winner
Name: Arun Laal Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 74*****235
Winner of KBC prize
Name: Intejar Ali Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 84*****210
Lucky Winner of KBC
Name: Sunita Kaur Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 70*****845
KBC WhatsApp Winner
Name: Rahul Rai Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 78*****119
KBC Lucky WhatsApp Winner
Name: Amit Rai Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 78*****999
WhatsApp Winner KBC
Name: Kavia Sharm Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 89*****995
Rahul KBC Winner
Name: Rahul Joshi Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 71*****220
Lucky KBC Winner
Name: Avinash Rai Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 79*****339
KBC Lucky Draw winner
Name: Shanti Verm Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 91*****319
WhatsApp Winner 2021 KBC
Name: Vivek Ch Prize: 25 Lac Cash Mobile: 84*****770

KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp: +919050439846